The Mandalorian(Thru 8 epi.)

As much as i have enjoyed The Mandalorian through 8 episodes I feel like there are so many questions that still have to be answered. (let me know what other questions you have!)

1. Where is this all headed? 5 years after Return of the Jedi. We know the Galaxy is in a lot of turmoil, with the remnants of the old regime still showing through. (Empire)

2. Is Baby Yoda a clone? Or was Yoda not the last of his race. My thoughts are more than likely a clone, and because it’s from Yoda’s blood, the “empire” really wants it’s force abilities and potential.

3. Do you think Mando survives his adventure’s with Baby Yoda or does he give his life for BY? I’m leaning towards Mando giving his life, the one time heartless bounty hunter has had a massive character change into a better person.

4. Do you still care about Star Wars? I will be the first to admit that i have soured on the Star Wars franchise, i used to really be into it, but after 9 movies it’s lost its luster for me. That’s why i felt like Mandalorian was so refreshing, and for that i am thankful for this adventure.

5. Where does Star Wars go next? The only thing i would be interested in is maybe seeing what happens when baby yoda matures or maybe the Obi Wan spin off we’ve heard so much about recently!

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